How does it work?

Let us worry about storage, order processing, invoicing, packing and shipping to all your clients.

Inventory storage

We safely store your products. We make initial checkups and database registrations of all products.

All details regarding quantity, quality, dimensions and weight are entered in the system and can be subsequently checked.

  • We store the products in conformity with their specifications. Our team respects all regulations regarding the packing and storing of different kinds of merchandise;
  • We are in charge of related actions like inventory, sorting, grouping etc.;
  • We make sure that the transport conditions are the best possible. We sync orders so as to optimize costs and time;
  • We store your products in the best conditions. All goods are protected by insurance and our Brașov warehouse respects all security norms.

We integrate our system with your online store

Our goal is simple: e-fulfillment in Romania. Easing your work and serve as a link between your store and your customers in Romania, and we can best do this by integrating our system with your online store. This way we can offer you:

  • Confirmation of delivery. A customized email with all details regarding the delivery is automatically sent to you and to the customer;
  • Advertising materials in every parcel that we send. This way you can start direct mailing campaigns through your deliveries;
  • Details regarding ID codes of all orders that are shipped from us to customers, ensuring an easy tracking of all parcels.
  • Customized packing materials, that you provide, with your logo or with any other identification elements you desire;
  • Customized deliveries: Your clients can choose the way they prefer their orders to be delivered, where and when they can be reached etc.

We manage all orders

We offer you a system that optimizes and efficiently renders the relationship between your store and your clients by using:

  • Dedicated phone lines;
  • A customer service team that is prepared to receive and process orders both online and on the telephone;
  • A flexible work schedule, including evenings and Saturdays;
  • Order processing and packing according to your requests;
  • Permanent communication with our team – making sure that all information given to your clients is correct.
Our mission is to ease your work and to link your store with your clients.


We invoice, we pack and we ship anywhere in Romania

In order to ship the products we have to go through the entire process of preparing a delivery:

  • After an invoice is created, the stocks automatically decrease and low stock alerts are sent if needed;
  • We prepare all the documentation that is needed for delivery;
  • We can quickly pack all products ordered by a client due to our management system that allows us to quickly track the products and their location in our warehouse;
  • We ship the goods through the courier delivery company of your choice.


You can track all orders

Using your username and password you can access the secure cloud ERP and Business Intelligence system, this way you:

  • Have 24/7 access to your stocks – real time quantity display for each item;
  • Can view the status of all orders, and their real time passage through all steps of processing and shipping;
  • Will be receiving regular reports regarding the performance of your online store, orders, returns and stocks.
  • Can receive low stock reports and alerts.



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