Frequently Asked Questions 

General Information


What is order fulfillment?

Order fulfillment is receiving goods, then processing and delivering orders to customers. The process begins with an order placed by a customer and ends once the order is received. Additionally, order fulfillment also manages the return transaction.

What is Fulfillment by Frisbo?

A cloud-based supply chain management platform created for companies in the online retail sector. Frisbo enables them to automate logistical processes, manage warehouse procedures, shipping, and refunds, and sell in many countries, all from one dashboard.

Why should I outsource my order fulfillment to Frisbo?

You can sell and deliver your products the next day anywhere in Europe by keeping your stock in multiple locations, syncing them with various sales channels, and accessing local courier services. You also get real-time access to orders and inventory status while we take care of your entire operational process

How does Fulfillment by Frisbo work?

Easy-peasy! Frisbo is a plug & play fulfillment service that fits perfectly with your online shop. All you have to do is to sync it with your online store, move your inventory into our European warehouse network and you are all set. We'll take care of everything. 

What are the benefits of using Frisbo?

Shop integration - All of your sales channels sync up automatically in one fulfillment dashboard, so you easily manage and track orders and stock in one place.


Inventory reception - Your products go from your supplier straight to our warehouse network, so all you see are orders heading out and profits coming in.


Inventory management - You keep tabs on your stock in one place, and the availability of your products is updated in real-time so you can bring more in before you run out.


Customer invoicing - Invoices are issued in your company's name, so your customers get your total brand experience.


AWB issuing - You always have a live overview of where your orders are to share with your customers in real-time.
Pick & Pack - When someone orders from you, our trained warehouse staff are notified, so they quickly pick the items for neat packing and safe dispatching.


Carrier relationship - Never bother with couriers. We handle everything for you, from negotiating rates to ensuring every order gets to your customers.


Returns management - We also re-circulate returned items into the flow, so nothing gets left behind unaccounted for.


Customer support - Our team of actual humans is at hand to help you when you, your orders, or customers get stuck or need assistance.

What are the product categories I can fulfill with Frisbo?
  • Electronics
  • Small home appliances
  • Fashion items
  • Toys
  • Cosmetics
  • Books
  • IT products and components
  • Children's apparel
  • Non-perishable food and drinks
  • Presents
  • Pet food
  • Home & decor excluding large-sized items
  • Food supplements
  • Accessories
  • Sports apparel
Do I need a minimum number of items? 
No minimum number of items is required for using the Frisbo fulfillment service. However, for each warehouse where you store your goods, there is a minimum monthly invoice of 150 euros.
Do you handle international orders?
We do handle international orders. The delivery prices might differ depending on the pickup and delivery location. 
Can you help with importing my goods from overseas?
If you want to start selling your products in Europe, but you need to bring your products from overseas, we will recommend some of our partners to help you through this process.
Do you offer bonded warehouse facilities?
No, we don't provide bonded warehouse facilities.
Where are your fulfillment centers?
In Europe and beyond, our network includes more than 30 fulfillment centers. Contact our sales accounts to schedule a call and learn more about our fulfillment network.


Getting started


How can I start with Frisbo?
Fill in the form on our website, then one of our specialists will contact you immediately and give you all the details about the onboarding process.
Do you have a demo for your service?
Yes. If you would like a demo for the Frisbo app, you have to fill in the form on the website and request a demo.
How long does it take for my orders to start shipping through Frisbo?
It may take 1 to 4 weeks from the time you sign the contract until you begin shipping through Frisbo. It depends on your selling platform, how fast you can ship your merchandise to our warehouse, etc.)
Can I use Frisbo for the fulfillment of orders received on my website?

Indeed. Frisbo integrates with all major e-commerce platforms, so depending on the e-commerce platform ( see all our partners) you're running your website on, you'll be able to use our software for the orders you receive there. 

Can I use Frisbo for the fulfillment of orders received on a marketplace?
Sure! Frisbo has integrations with the largest marketplaces on the market. Depending on the marketplace you sell on, you can use our software for orders received on this sales channel.
What about my branding?
Fulfilling orders through Frisbo is the same as fulfilling orders yourself. We don't let your customers know that your orders are fulfilled through Frisbo. Plus, if you need custom packaging services, let us know, and we'll add them to our pick&pack service.
What about insurance? 
All the warehouses in our network have insurance for the merchandise they store. Additionally, you can choose to insure your parcels sent through courier.




What are Frisbo's costs?

We charge for storage, order processing, delivery, and additional services (if you request them). Estimate costs using our online calculator or book a meeting with our sales accounts.

What is the billing procedure? 
We issue a monthly invoice that covers all the services we provide for you.
Do you have a setup fee?
No. The setup process is free of charge. Our specialists will assist you at every stage of the setup process.




Which e-commerce platforms do you integrate with?
Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Vtex, PrestaShop, Bluegento, Zento, GoMag, ShopRenter, IdoSell, TeamShare, ContentSpeed, MerchantPro, and many more. Click here to see all our integrations.
Which marketplaces or marketplace integrators do you integrate with?
Amazon, eMag, Allegro, A1, ChannelAdvisor, cs.cart, and we're still expanding. Click here to see all our marketplace integrations.
Do you have integration instructions I can review?
The technical support team will email you the API documentation to help you with the integration process.
Can I integrate Frisbo with my custom-made website?
Sure. If you have a custom-made platform, please schedule a call with our sales accounts and find out all the details.


Stock Control


How can I monitor orders?
You have full access to all your orders regardless of the sales channels in the Frisbo app.
How will I know when my stock levels are running low?
With the order management software provided by Frisbo, you will get real-time access to the entire fulfillment process, access any logistical data on your stock, order, and shipments and have all the data at hand to keep your customers constantly informed.




How do you charge for storage?
Pricing applies to the theoretical volume of items, not actual occupied space. Rent after 30 days is calculated as daily pro rata.
Do you require a barcode on each unit?
Do you have warehouses with specialized storage facilities (temperature controlled, high value, alcohol & tobacco)
Yes. Some of our warehouses have specialized storage facilities. Please ask our sales team for more details.
How long does the receiving of goods in the warehouse process take?
The reception time of the goods in the warehouse depends on the number of items and SKUs. It usually takes 48-72h. However, for bigger volumes, please get in touch with our sales team.
What happens if my stock arrives damaged?
If your stock arrives in damaged condition, our customer service will notify you right away and request your assistance in managing the merchandise.
What do I need to do before I send inventory to you?
Please make sure all your items have barcodes and provide at least two days' notice of the arrival of the goods before sending your inventory to us.
Are there certain types of products that you do not store in your warehouses? 
We store all types of products except for the products prohibited by law.




Can i use my own packaging?
Yes. We can pack your orders with your custom packaging.
Will fragile items be safe?
Yes. We provide additional packaging for fragile items.
Can you include extra items in the parcels?


Couriers and shipping


Do you offer next-day delivery?
Yes. At Frisbo, we offer next-day delivery almost everywhere in Europe, thanks to Frisbo's largest European fulfillment network.
Do I have to arrange courier services myself?

No. At Frisbo, we partner with the largest courier companies in 24 European countries. In addition, our algorithms will choose the best delivery channel based on the country you are selling to and the area where your customer is located.

What couriers do you work with?
  • FanCourier
  • SameDay
  • DPD
  • DHL
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • GLS
  • InPost
  • Hermes
  • Packeta
  • Postnl
  • Postnord
  • CeskaPosta
  • SlovenskaPosta
  • Swiss Post
  • Livrare Nemo Express
  • Poczta Polska
  • Slovak Parcel Service
  • Cargus Urgent
  • MRW, Colissimo
  • Ruspost
  • Express One
  • Muvi Express.
Where do you ship my orders from?
If you have stored your products in more than one of our warehouses, orders will be shipped from the warehouse closest to your customer's destination.
Do you provide cross-border shipping?

Yes. We provide cross-border shipping. However, suppose you usually have customers who buy from abroad. In that case, we suggest you store your products in a warehouse closer to them to avoid high delivery prices and eventually speed up the shipping time.

Is tracking included with my shipments?
Yes, you will be able to track orders from when they leave the warehouse until they reach your final customers.
Do you issue an invoice with my orders?
Of course! The invoice is instantly generated and attached to your parcels.




Do you handle returned orders?
Yes. We provide you with a Returns App specially designed for you and your customers so that your returns are quickly returned to our fulfillment centers.
What happens if the order needs to be returned due to a picking or packing error?
We love automation, but we're still humans. If the order needs to be returned due to a picking or packing error,  we will definitely assume the return costs.
Can you check returned items and prepare them to go back into stock?
Unopened returns are automatically added to the stock. The returns made under the return policy are stored in a different inventory so the seller or our staff can examine them.




How often am I invoiced?
We issue a monthly invoice.
What if I find an error on my invoice?
Please let us know as soon as you discover a mistake on your invoice so we can address it in due time.




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