The inner workings of Frisbo

Meet the Frisbo team and learn about the story behind our quest to achieve genuinely borderless e-commerce fulfillment.

Our goal

At Frisbo, we believe e-commerce logistics should be simple and borderless. That's why we offer fulfillment as a service to online merchants by connecting local fulfillment centers into one integrated network that syncs flawlessly with all e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.


Our mission is to enable all e-commerce enterprises, irrespective of their scale, to promptly and smoothly reach their customers without the hassles of managing logistics. 


Our network of over 50 fulfillment centers across Europe is seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive fulfillment platform that empowers online shops to store their products in several locations, synchronize them with multiple sales channels, and provide Next-Day delivery through the utilization of local courier services.


We value simplicity, and we comprehend the significance of time for e-commerce ventures. Therefore, we continually introduce plug & play integrations to enable any online store to seamlessly connect to our fulfillment platform, irrespective of the e-commerce platforms or marketplaces involved.

Our team

We're not just a bunch of logistics and tech geeks - we're a squad of passionate individuals with mad skills and unique perspectives. We might have different roles, but we're all on the same page when it comes to helping e-commerce merchants succeed in this crazy world. Plus, we're a bunch of animal lovers - our pets often drop in on our virtual meetings, seeing as we're scattered all over Europe. Don't be surprised if you hear a meow or a bark during a call!

Meet the Frisbo team

  • Bogdan Colceriu

    Bogdan Colceriu

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Vlad Tarziu

    Vlad Tarziu

    Chief Operational Officer

  • Dana Gate

    Dana Gate

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Laura Frincu

    Laura Frincu

    Chief Fulfillment Officer

  • Floris Stoica-Marcu

    Floris Stoica-Marcu

    Chief Technical Officer

  • Radu Iuhas

    Radu Iuhas

    Chief Product Officer

  • Ana Arghire

    Ana Arghire

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Razvan Avram

    Razvan Avram

    Digital Product Lead

  • Zsolt Kiss

    Zsolt Kiss

    Business Development Manager

  • Elena Dejanović

    Elena Dejanović

    Expansion Manager

  • Barbara Owczarzy

    Barbara Owczarzy

    Sales Representative

  • Aleksandra Kubicka

    Aleksandra Kubicka

    Market Access Manager

At Frisbo, we prioritize technology, scalability, and flexible logistics. Our ultimate goal is to create a world where all e-commerce sellers can navigate and expand in any market without the added stress of figuring out how to do so.

Bogdan Colceriu, CEO

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