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il Caffe started in 1995 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, being one of the first coffee roasteries in Transylvania to serve the hospitality sector. After 27 years of offline activity, 2020 came with the pandemic that guided many businesses to e-commerce and created the perfect opportunity to start an online store. 

Adapting to the new online environment and encountering the hassles of implementing an efficient logistic setup prompted the need for a solution to help the company quickly fulfill orders from its own warehouse. The quick fix came in the form of Frisbo SaaS, one of the friendliest tools to manage inventory and deliveries.

Two years later, il Caffe still counts on Frisbo SaaS to easily manage logistics and support in delivering an excellent service and meeting customer expectations.


The Story of il Caffe

The story of il Caffe began in November 1995 in Cluj-Napoca as a joint Italo-Romanian venture. Having started from a small-batch roastery and an espresso bar under the same roof, along with time passing and the coffee market evolving, came the need to create a bigger and better roastery that opened in 2017. The new space allowed control over almost all green and roasted coffee processes and introduced a game-changer, specialty coffee, to il Caffe customers. 

After moving production to the new plant, "the old roastery" became a coffee playground. The concept envisioned a place where people can directly interact with coffee in new and transformative ways, from trying different extraction methods and different coffee machines to learning the roasting process or just enjoying a skillfully prepared cup of coffee.

As a family business at its second generation of coffee roasters and enthusiasts committed to quality, being curious and constantly learning, il Caffe blends passion and tradition into every aspect of its business and is continuously devoted to providing a fine-tailored coffee experience.

New opportunities brought by the pandemic

"I was convinced that the decision to buy coffee was driven by smell and taste, but during the pandemic, I was proved the opposite.", says Călin Pâslaru, co-owner of il Caffe.

With the hospitality industry being one of the most affected by the pandemic, in 2020, having an online store became necessary to continue providing their customers with great coffee and an opportunity to expand their business to new audiences.

Frisbo SaaS: handling logistics with just a few clicks 

Having launched their official online store, il Caffe teamed up with Frisbo in search of a way to facilitate order fulfillment from their own warehouse. The best tool for their needs was Frisbo SaaS, a plug-and-play platform for efficiently managing and tracking orders and deliveries in one place by connecting their online store with their stock and warehouse.


Two years later, same awesome results:

  1. Never ran out of stock - As orders kept coming, benefiting from stock synchronization helped il Caffe keep track of their inventory in real-time and always ensure optimal stock to meet their happy customers' needs.
  2. Easy-peasy delivery setup - Through Frisbo SaaS, il Caffe gained access to negotiated courier rates, automated issuing of delivery documents (AWBs), and the real-time status for each of their parcels, turning deliveries from a headache to a one-click operation. 
  3. No-fuss documents issuing - Just as easy as issuing an AWB, the invoice for the final customer is just one click away. They print it, put it in the box with the order, and it's ready to go. 
  4. Efficient return management - Minimizing the impact of returns with automation is the best method of accelerating the availability of returned items in scalable stock. This way, they make sure nothing gets lost or left unprocessed.

"Before Frisbo, our relationship with couriers did not go as smoothly, and scheduling delivery was far more difficult. We had to go on the courier's app and manually create the AWB, and even so, it didn't always work as planned. Now we use the Frisbo SaaS app, we click a few buttons, and everything works out exactly as it should, without worrying about the process.", says Călin.


Frisbo SaaS, a one-click service for Romanian e-commerce businesses

Do you sell online from your own storage space and want to get the same time-saving advantages as il Caffe? Frisbo SaaS connects all your sales channels (online shop, marketplaces) with your inventory and warehouse in real-time.

There has never been an easier way to manage the stock and deliveries of your online shop. Frisbo SaaS helps you save money and time to reinvest in growing your business with a platform that automates your order fulfillment process. Moreover, you benefit from scalable and transparent pricing tailored to your business’ needs.

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*Frisbo Saas is currently offered for Romanian online stores only and will be available for international markets soon.

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